Friday, February 11, 2011

She & Him

How have I not heard about this?!

 I knew Zooey Deschanel could sing but I never knew She & Him existed.!

Stay Cute.
Gen. Xx

Crushing On.

1. Knack.

I'm soooooo diggin' furniture restoration of late & these folks are pro! I spend hours (literally) browsing through their blog...heaven.

2. James Franco

Educated & ooohh mama is he fine!

3. My My Hey Hey- by Neil Young.

It's on repeat here...amazing.

Stay Cute.
Gen. Xx

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gusti turns 2!!

My little nephew aka 'Frankie Gusti' (the human version) turned a huge 2 years old today!!!

Holy Tolitos that has gone fast.

Love this little man.

Stay Cute. ( & stop growing up so fast!)

Gen. xx

Crafty Mutha Effer

Glad I got your attention.

So I have done absolutely nothing creative for soooooo long. It makes me sad but I haven't had the time or the inspiration until now. And lucky I've found it....I have two Markets this month & I have been very busy today!

This Saturday 12th I'll be @ Blackbird Market in Fitzroy. I was a little bit lucky...the gorgeous Courtney who runs the show, asked me to feature on the blog! All a bit exciting!

So please come down & support the local talent including stuf creations- Lexi makes the cutest brooches.

Also hoping The Otter & the Fox will be there again- they make the most ah-dorable 'Message in a bottle' necklaces.

They even trek to the mountains to pick their own flowers!

I will have new stock of teacup candles.

Tea Light Candles in Vintage glass.

Cake stands & Ring dishes.

I'll be there 10-4!!

Then my next market is on the 27th Feb- Mulgrave Makers Market. Cant wait to catch up with everyone &  get all my fresh produce from the Farmers Market also. Such a great atmosphere.

So hopefully I can sell at these 2 markets monthly, then once I get my gluteus maximus into gear & open my etsy store...I'll be selling out so fast I can quit my 'real' job (a girl can dream?!).

Hope to see you on Saturday.

Stay Cute.
Gen. Xx

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm back!

I'm here, i'm alive, i'm back!

Oh Wow its been a while...sorry. I've been busy with my 'real' jobs. Working 6 days a week plus life makes Gen tired & un bloggy.

 But I promise to be back later this afternoon with an update on products, markets & general chit chat.

Stay cute.
Gen. xx