Thursday, February 10, 2011

Crafty Mutha Effer

Glad I got your attention.

So I have done absolutely nothing creative for soooooo long. It makes me sad but I haven't had the time or the inspiration until now. And lucky I've found it....I have two Markets this month & I have been very busy today!

This Saturday 12th I'll be @ Blackbird Market in Fitzroy. I was a little bit lucky...the gorgeous Courtney who runs the show, asked me to feature on the blog! All a bit exciting!

So please come down & support the local talent including stuf creations- Lexi makes the cutest brooches.

Also hoping The Otter & the Fox will be there again- they make the most ah-dorable 'Message in a bottle' necklaces.

They even trek to the mountains to pick their own flowers!

I will have new stock of teacup candles.

Tea Light Candles in Vintage glass.

Cake stands & Ring dishes.

I'll be there 10-4!!

Then my next market is on the 27th Feb- Mulgrave Makers Market. Cant wait to catch up with everyone &  get all my fresh produce from the Farmers Market also. Such a great atmosphere.

So hopefully I can sell at these 2 markets monthly, then once I get my gluteus maximus into gear & open my etsy store...I'll be selling out so fast I can quit my 'real' job (a girl can dream?!).

Hope to see you on Saturday.

Stay Cute.
Gen. Xx


  1. Gen,

    I am in love with the teacup candles and the tealight candles in the vintage glasses! I am wanting to purchase some and am wondering if I were to pay postage would you be able to post them to me in Townsville, QLD.

    Thanks Krystal/the candle fan.

  2. Hi Krystal,
    Thanks so much, how lovely!
    Send me an email @ & I will forward you all the details.
    Gen. Xx