Friday, December 9, 2011

Mulgrave Makers Market

this sunday the 11th december, frankie gusti will be back at the Mulgrave Makers Market!!!

i will have a huge range of candles in upcycled vintage teacups, crystal and glassware. perfect christmas gifts. here is s sneak peek of available stock in sweet-pea & vanilla, pumpkin maple bread, and wine & roses. 

also at the market...making her debut, my sweet sis and her sweet label 'piccadilly petite'. a beautiful collection of handmade children's ware, made with vintage fabrics and lots of love.

we'd love it if you popped by! 8am-1pm.

Stay cute. 
Gen. xx

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

that sweet, that nasty, that guuuussshhhy stuff

rafe baby is 7 weeks today. 7 WEEKS!!!! when did time fly by so quickly? 

here are some facts and some things i love about Rdog

  • i love all the squeaks, grunts, huffs and puffs he makes when he is going to sleep and waking up. not so cute at 3am...but still love em'. Sounds like a hamster cross a pterodactyl. 

  • love it when he's feeding and he wraps his arm around my boob, shuts his yes and grunts like '''dayyyyum that's good" and then gets all milk drunk

  • i love listening to the conversations Jord has with him. When he's changing his nappy i hear "little Vegemite, little Vegemite", "nice day today" and "oh you done pissed out your wenis"....i swear he's on crack!! But Rafe loves the biggest gummy smiles.

  • and those smiles!!! i seriously cried the first time he properly smiled at me. they melt my heart. Now secretly when i nappy change i say "little Vegemite" to get him to smile at me again. 

  • without a doubt, every.single.time his nappy comes off he will wee....multiple times!!! And then there are the poosplosions.....oh em gee! babies are gross.

  • he loves massage. after his shower he gets a full body massage (what a life!) and he goes all relaxed and coo's. It's totally cute.

  • i love co-sleeping. waking up with that little face next to mine or buried in my boobs.....the best!

  • he chomps on his dummy like there is no tomorrow

  • i love his serious face

  • and his cracked it face

  • and his thinkin' face

  • and his crazy face

  • and his happy face

  • he loves (LOVES!!!) shower time. he is so content in the water and even licks the droplets off my shoulder...nawwwww.

  • rafe is just the best thing since sliced bread.

i love this boy sooooooo much. 7 of the most amazing weeks of my life...thanks Rafe baby.

Stay cute.
Gen. xx

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

do re me

have you heard? frankie gusti candles & mini cake stands are now being stocked at Do Re Me in Elsternwick! Aw yay!

this is the cutest little store around. the shop front is adorned with doily buntings, an umbrella, a park bench with cushions, & a super sweet window display.

with vintage inspired wares & reclaimed goodies this little shop is bursting with colour, style & diverse designs. from clothing to hair accessories, from retro toys to gusti candles, Do Re Me is the ultimate cuteness in gift ware. pop down & have a look!!!

Stay Cute. 
Gen. Xx

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rafe Arno Klewer

we did it!!! we actually made a little fun sized human! and we shall call him Rafe Arno Klewer. 

born 20th October at 6.03am weighing 8 pound 14 and 53cm long. 

It's been just over 4 weeks since he arrived and we are loving it!

Stay cute.
Gen. Xx

Monday, October 17, 2011

my DIY project- 9 months in the making

so my little Nugget babe is over due a few days & could possibly be another week or so away, but either way, he is almost here! we are super excited to meet him, and although these last few weeks have been sleep deprived & sometimes quite uncomfy.....i have LOVED being pregnant!!!

just wanted to share some of our belly growing journey with you all

6 weeks

15 weeks

21 weeks

26 weeks

(my first and ONLY time braving a leotard during pregnancy!)

29 weeks

36 weeks

full term!!

sorry for the poor quality photo's! i really didn't take many with an actual camera. thanks for letting me share this amazing time! i think i'll miss my baby bump.

Stay cute.
Gen. Xx

Sunday, October 16, 2011

look what i found..

been getting some MAJOR finds at the oppies lately.

these retro inspired kitchen scales for $8, this ca-ute ceramic butter dish (i think that's what it is?) .50 cents, and awesome metal bird bottle opener $6

some vintage sheets for my sister $3 & doilies $2

this awesome ring $15 & pair of milk glass vases $4

plus some bassinet & cot sheets for Nugget, and glassware & teacups for candles. Score! I should be pretty set for stock for a while...not sure how quick i'll be back trawling after babe is born. But i don't think it'll be too long before Nugget is an op shopping addict like his Mama.

Stay cute.
Gen. Xx

Saturday, October 15, 2011

little golden book mobile

growing up, i read little golden books & had quite the stash. i had started a collection for nugget with 2nd hand finds & op shop bargains. but his stash has just become AMAZING after my aunt gifted me over 100 books. these were in fact my original collection from my childhood that i had passed onto my cousin.

this is only HALF of them, as i shared with my sister lucky are we!
a few books are a bit worse for wear, but the pictures are so damn cute that they need to be some book lovers my cringe when i say this but......i've removed the pages & made them into paper aeroplanes. they are not totally desecrated...they have been given new life in Nuggets mobile.

pretty cool right? jord actually made most of it, as i officially suck at making paper aeroplanes. for the full mobile tutorial jump over here.

for more 'little golden book' love, head over to birdy popcorn & check out their love of kiddy vintage too.

Stay cute.
Gen. xx

Thursday, October 13, 2011

such a tart

made another batch of lemon butter/curd the other day because it was so damn delicious. so i whipped up this super easy lemon tart for dessert when the parentals came for dinner.

pre-made pie crust
lemon curd
fresh fruit


Stay cute.
Gen. xx

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

apologies in advance

for the poor photo quality. they were taken after midnight last night & were very rushed! so here are a few more pieces i made ready for stockists.

possibly the last batch i make before Nugget arrives. best i hit the op shops in the next few days & stock up on supplies.

Stay cute.
Gen. Xx

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

life is too short to sleep on low thread-count sheets.

These last 4 weeks of preggy land have seen me roaming my house at all hours of the night. between pee trips, re-heating the heat pack, milk & cookies trip, tossing & turning (i call it the 50 point turn takes almost that to get from one side to the other), and just being wide awake for no apparent reason.....i have decided that our bedroom needs a makeover. nugget has had a WHOLE room made up especially for him & since he'll be shacking in with us first & because i think i think i deserve it....our little love nest will be getting a much needed do over. so now i stay up until all hours day dreaming of this new room. and being inspired by all these pretties...

love this eclectic room

liking the word above the bed...maybe not name though

 so bright & fresh. pellet bed & vines..perfect.

neutral wallpaper & recycled timber

looooovvvveeee the double headboard

mint, peach & lush.

head over to my 'for the home' board on pinterest for image sources & links.

i can't really decided what i like yet. i want it to be fairly un-cluttered but not bare, romantic but not girly either. bright & fresh...pity i only have a shoe box to work in. i know i want pendant bedside lamps & shelving instead of bedside that's a start.

Stay cute.
Gen. Xx

p.s. pinterest you are evil!!! maybe if i stop clicking 'fetch more pins' then i'd be asleep a lot earlier!!
Anyone done a bedroom makeover recently? Would love to see pics.