Wednesday, December 7, 2011

that sweet, that nasty, that guuuussshhhy stuff

rafe baby is 7 weeks today. 7 WEEKS!!!! when did time fly by so quickly? 

here are some facts and some things i love about Rdog

  • i love all the squeaks, grunts, huffs and puffs he makes when he is going to sleep and waking up. not so cute at 3am...but still love em'. Sounds like a hamster cross a pterodactyl. 

  • love it when he's feeding and he wraps his arm around my boob, shuts his yes and grunts like '''dayyyyum that's good" and then gets all milk drunk

  • i love listening to the conversations Jord has with him. When he's changing his nappy i hear "little Vegemite, little Vegemite", "nice day today" and "oh you done pissed out your wenis"....i swear he's on crack!! But Rafe loves the biggest gummy smiles.

  • and those smiles!!! i seriously cried the first time he properly smiled at me. they melt my heart. Now secretly when i nappy change i say "little Vegemite" to get him to smile at me again. 

  • without a doubt, every.single.time his nappy comes off he will wee....multiple times!!! And then there are the poosplosions.....oh em gee! babies are gross.

  • he loves massage. after his shower he gets a full body massage (what a life!) and he goes all relaxed and coo's. It's totally cute.

  • i love co-sleeping. waking up with that little face next to mine or buried in my boobs.....the best!

  • he chomps on his dummy like there is no tomorrow

  • i love his serious face

  • and his cracked it face

  • and his thinkin' face

  • and his crazy face

  • and his happy face

  • he loves (LOVES!!!) shower time. he is so content in the water and even licks the droplets off my shoulder...nawwwww.

  • rafe is just the best thing since sliced bread.

i love this boy sooooooo much. 7 of the most amazing weeks of my life...thanks Rafe baby.

Stay cute.
Gen. xx

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  1. Awww Gen what a beautiful post! I love his thinkin' face, how funny!! Thanks for sharing x