Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Late nights, Vampires & a Market.

I've had such a full on weekend! It's been great but exhausting-I'm not used to functioning on under 4 hours sleep a night. Even during the week with extra dance rehearsal & market prep, the earliest I was in bed was 12.

So things that help me get through late nights include
  • Wine & cheese
  • Good company
  • Plenty of laughter (possibly too much wine?)
This was me Friday night/wee hours of Saturday morning sewing with my 2 gorgeous friends Allie & Le. We had some serious costume sewing to do for our review on Saturday. 25 spectacular vampire inspired leotards & capes were completed by 4am for a 2pm show. I was sort of delirious by the end. You know when your so tired that you find things extra amusing? Like spending 5 hours sewing tufts of tulle onto leotards only to realise they look like fish fins/gills and have to un pick them all...yep, totally hilarious at 3am. Crawled into bed after 4.

I was back up at 8am. Voted. Picked up flowers for the show. Went to bank to get kitty for market. Bank was closed. Ran around like a crazy woman trying to scrounge up kitty. Grabbed snacks for the day. Headed back to Le's for breakfast and last minute bits. Off to the show....I Howled, I Swung & had another great year with all the girls.

Saturday night was also a late one...after 1am. This was made easier by
  • chocolate
  • multiple cups of tea
  • my eagerness to collapse into bed once I was finished
Alarm blared at 5.30.
I had a wonderful day at the market. Jord came along and was a great help...he sold heaps whilst I was off and about, so he thought he was pretty clever. Allie came along too, she sold, she took pics, she wrapped & she is the best market slave.. :) I was really surprised by how many people came out & braved the weather. My neighbour had her gazebo snapped & blown away...crazy!

This cute little man came back to visit me!

I got to meet Wendy from the textured leaf (little tree kids) ,who is absolutely lovely & offered heaps of advice. I also picked up some of her handmade storybook envelopes

Look how adorable they are!

Caught up with Eleesa from Dorothy Bills again & picked up my cute bag (now my market bag).

Got some absolutely beautiful paper goodies from Belinda at Bella Stationery Studio . She has some really affordable stocking fillers & I cant wait to use them. She is so cute & snuck a little present in for me too!!


 And this fun card from petite marguerite .

Popular items of the day were teacup candles, glassware candles, cake stands, hair pins, hair ties & peg magnets.

Already gearing up for the December 19th market!!!

Stay cute.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Leotards & Legwarmers

I had a 3 hour extra rehearsal tonight plus costume sewing today in preparation for the end of year review on Saturday, so this is just a quick dance inspired photo post....& they are super pretty.


Water on Lens / Pinewood Studio


Short & Sweet + Dance

{pic 1} {pic 2} {pic 3} {pic 4} {pic 5} {pic 7} {pic 8}
{pic 9}

I'm no ballerina, nor do I really enjoy ballet. But I do enjoy a pretty tutu.

And just a quick but HUGE thanks to all my dance teachers over the past 15 year, especially Leah who still continues to inspire and push me to be a better dancer. Gold star.

Stay cute.
Gen. xx

Yes once again, I fell asleep writing. Pretend its Tuesday when reading.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

The folks over at hey harriet have a fun weekly (you guessed it..every Sunday) post. And I'm playing along! For more info click HERE.

Okay so for any followers reading this, you may see a pattern. I use hipstamatic a LOT & I take plenty of pics of Sabby...it's easy & he's cute.
This one in particular is exceptionally crappy quality...I'm still a bit scared of my SLR, don't judge me.

Stay cute.
Gen. xx

take me to the hills

Jord and I headed up the Dandenongs today for brunch and a wander.

 And its days like today with perfect weather that re-iterate my willingness to run for the hills. Pretty gardens, cute boutique stores, devonshire tea..need I say more?

I want to have a pretty house n the hills like these...so dreamy.
{source unknown}

I want a field of lace


Peter bahouth tree house, cottage living

hunting cabin

Bedroom Doorway

Dream Lakehouse

 We went up and down the mountain a few different ways, found a few garage sales, a few antique stores &
we swung past my fave place to stock up on tea leaves. Champagne & Strawberry sencha is delish!

This afternoon I sipped iced tea, crafted in the sun, walked Sabby, bbq'd & dreamt about my future house in the hills.

Stay cute.
Gen. x

Thursday, November 18, 2010

nine til fiver

So I don't work a nine til fiver, 5 days a week, never have. I have two jobs plus the wee little business that is 'frankie gusti.' but usually only work 3-4 days & that's usually around 20-25 hours....tough!
.But somehow I always manage to have work to do/organise, places to go, things to do..yada yada.

So here are some snapshots of what I've been up to over the past week.

I went on a road trip to St Leonards to surprise my gorgeous friend Keely. It was her birthday yesterday and she also finished exams to become a paramedic...yay!
Jord and I sat on her bed (bit creepy I know) & waited for her after work. I think she was more frightened than surprised.
She screamed, she cried, I cried, we hugged it out.

This is us in a nut shell, she makes me laugh.

I made lemon meringue pie and sipped on cocktails during more exam celebrations...Yay Meeka, Allie & Le.
After 2 failed attempts & a bottle of vodka later
we could enjoy 'red rash'...don't be put off by the name, it was delish!!

I had Frankie Gusti this morning & he was a tad grumpy after waking up, so arrived pant-less.
After a few get aways & failed attempts...
we got there!

Gusti and I went for a walk to the shops to see the bunny rabbits (or as he would say 'muggits'). They are so cute.
There were tiny 2 week old bunny's that I wanted to smuggle home & cuddle all day. But I don't think they'd appreciate Sabby
as a roomie.

We trotted off to the park where I mastered
- holding onto child & bouncing see saw with foot simultaneously
-catching child by back of trousers on dismantle of slide
& realised
- there is only so high child can go on the swing without getting dizzy
Only a few crocodile tears at home time, but the prospect of 'eat' cheered him right up! 
Lunch and playtime with Uncle Jord (didn't want to know me once Jord got home) then Nanny picked him up & I spent the afternoon sewing and consuming tea and chocolate.

 I made this ah-ma-zing pizza..chorizo & bocconcini, for dinner.

Then went to dancing.

Dinner in town, dance rehearsals, gardening & a picnic is my weekend.
I don't think I'll ever want a nine til fiver.

Stay cute.
Gen. xx

Just a quick note- don't leave your hair in the same messy knot for 3 days.

Quicker note- I wrote this late last night but forgot to post, so jut think its Thursday.