Thursday, November 18, 2010

nine til fiver

So I don't work a nine til fiver, 5 days a week, never have. I have two jobs plus the wee little business that is 'frankie gusti.' but usually only work 3-4 days & that's usually around 20-25 hours....tough!
.But somehow I always manage to have work to do/organise, places to go, things to do..yada yada.

So here are some snapshots of what I've been up to over the past week.

I went on a road trip to St Leonards to surprise my gorgeous friend Keely. It was her birthday yesterday and she also finished exams to become a paramedic...yay!
Jord and I sat on her bed (bit creepy I know) & waited for her after work. I think she was more frightened than surprised.
She screamed, she cried, I cried, we hugged it out.

This is us in a nut shell, she makes me laugh.

I made lemon meringue pie and sipped on cocktails during more exam celebrations...Yay Meeka, Allie & Le.
After 2 failed attempts & a bottle of vodka later
we could enjoy 'red rash'...don't be put off by the name, it was delish!!

I had Frankie Gusti this morning & he was a tad grumpy after waking up, so arrived pant-less.
After a few get aways & failed attempts...
we got there!

Gusti and I went for a walk to the shops to see the bunny rabbits (or as he would say 'muggits'). They are so cute.
There were tiny 2 week old bunny's that I wanted to smuggle home & cuddle all day. But I don't think they'd appreciate Sabby
as a roomie.

We trotted off to the park where I mastered
- holding onto child & bouncing see saw with foot simultaneously
-catching child by back of trousers on dismantle of slide
& realised
- there is only so high child can go on the swing without getting dizzy
Only a few crocodile tears at home time, but the prospect of 'eat' cheered him right up! 
Lunch and playtime with Uncle Jord (didn't want to know me once Jord got home) then Nanny picked him up & I spent the afternoon sewing and consuming tea and chocolate.

 I made this ah-ma-zing pizza..chorizo & bocconcini, for dinner.

Then went to dancing.

Dinner in town, dance rehearsals, gardening & a picnic is my weekend.
I don't think I'll ever want a nine til fiver.

Stay cute.
Gen. xx

Just a quick note- don't leave your hair in the same messy knot for 3 days.

Quicker note- I wrote this late last night but forgot to post, so jut think its Thursday.

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