Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Late nights, Vampires & a Market.

I've had such a full on weekend! It's been great but exhausting-I'm not used to functioning on under 4 hours sleep a night. Even during the week with extra dance rehearsal & market prep, the earliest I was in bed was 12.

So things that help me get through late nights include
  • Wine & cheese
  • Good company
  • Plenty of laughter (possibly too much wine?)
This was me Friday night/wee hours of Saturday morning sewing with my 2 gorgeous friends Allie & Le. We had some serious costume sewing to do for our review on Saturday. 25 spectacular vampire inspired leotards & capes were completed by 4am for a 2pm show. I was sort of delirious by the end. You know when your so tired that you find things extra amusing? Like spending 5 hours sewing tufts of tulle onto leotards only to realise they look like fish fins/gills and have to un pick them all...yep, totally hilarious at 3am. Crawled into bed after 4.

I was back up at 8am. Voted. Picked up flowers for the show. Went to bank to get kitty for market. Bank was closed. Ran around like a crazy woman trying to scrounge up kitty. Grabbed snacks for the day. Headed back to Le's for breakfast and last minute bits. Off to the show....I Howled, I Swung & had another great year with all the girls.

Saturday night was also a late one...after 1am. This was made easier by
  • chocolate
  • multiple cups of tea
  • my eagerness to collapse into bed once I was finished
Alarm blared at 5.30.
I had a wonderful day at the market. Jord came along and was a great help...he sold heaps whilst I was off and about, so he thought he was pretty clever. Allie came along too, she sold, she took pics, she wrapped & she is the best market slave.. :) I was really surprised by how many people came out & braved the weather. My neighbour had her gazebo snapped & blown away...crazy!

This cute little man came back to visit me!

I got to meet Wendy from the textured leaf (little tree kids) ,who is absolutely lovely & offered heaps of advice. I also picked up some of her handmade storybook envelopes

Look how adorable they are!

Caught up with Eleesa from Dorothy Bills again & picked up my cute bag (now my market bag).

Got some absolutely beautiful paper goodies from Belinda at Bella Stationery Studio . She has some really affordable stocking fillers & I cant wait to use them. She is so cute & snuck a little present in for me too!!


 And this fun card from petite marguerite .

Popular items of the day were teacup candles, glassware candles, cake stands, hair pins, hair ties & peg magnets.

Already gearing up for the December 19th market!!!

Stay cute.

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  1. It was nice to meet you too! many more markets to come for us I think! cheers x