Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm making a list.

I'm a massive fan of list making. When I'm feeling a bit flustered or overwhelmed, writing a list of 'to do's' over a cup of tea, always puts things into perspective- whether that be 'ah shit...should have started this sooner' or 'phew...not as bad as I thought'.

With a crazy fortnight of dance performance and market prep ahead, I thought its time I get organised and up to date with product. Here is a list of what I need/want to make for the next market (in 2 weeks)...

  • pillow case dresses x 8
  • peg magnet sets x 10
  • dry boards x 4
  • thumb tack sets x 4
  • bibs x 8
  • button magnet sets x 8
  • bookmarks x 6
  • earrings x 12
  • headbands x 10
  • hair ties x 20
  • hair pins x 15
  • tea cup candles x 5
  • glassware candles x 5
  • fabric wall hoop sets x 3

I'm off to turn these

Into these.

Stay cute.
Gen. xx

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