Sunday, November 21, 2010

take me to the hills

Jord and I headed up the Dandenongs today for brunch and a wander.

 And its days like today with perfect weather that re-iterate my willingness to run for the hills. Pretty gardens, cute boutique stores, devonshire tea..need I say more?

I want to have a pretty house n the hills like dreamy.
{source unknown}

I want a field of lace


Peter bahouth tree house, cottage living

hunting cabin

Bedroom Doorway

Dream Lakehouse

 We went up and down the mountain a few different ways, found a few garage sales, a few antique stores &
we swung past my fave place to stock up on tea leaves. Champagne & Strawberry sencha is delish!

This afternoon I sipped iced tea, crafted in the sun, walked Sabby, bbq'd & dreamt about my future house in the hills.

Stay cute.
Gen. x


  1. From a hill dweller, I highly recommend it! It's a beautiful place to live. Sounds like you had a fab, relaxing weekend. Kelly (Polkadot Lane) x

  2. I love all those housey shots. Thanks for sharing your day!