Thursday, November 11, 2010

Look what I found.

So I've been trawling the local oppies this week to hunt down the 'need to gets' for my next market and came home with more 'ohh that's pretty'.....really, how many doilies and vases do I need want?!

I should mention, some things were collected over the past month but this week has proven to be very fruitful...have a look see.

 My stash of, crotchet & embroidered, doilies & hankies.

Soon to be Tea Cup candles for the November Market.

Love at first site! Total bargain too..$4 each necklace!

Pillowcase dresses in the the yellow one!!


Candle sticks and vintage china for new 'frankie gusti.' coming soon!

I've been burning laps in the same op shops for the past few months & have become a bit of a regular.
The 'vintage' shop assistants have been so kind as to put things aside for me till I come in and are always so interested in what I'll be doing with my buys...they then proceed to tell me how 'back when I was a young girl...', or tell me a story about 'Beryl's neighbours cat' or offer to knit me a toilet roll cover...bless them!

Stay cute.
Gen. xx

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