Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Procrastination ended.....Welcome to frankie gusti.!

So I set this blog up almost 2 weeks ago but have only now built up the courage to post. After my first ever market and launch of 'frankie gusti.' on Sunday 24th October, I was full of motivation, inspiration and was SUPER eager to make my debut into the blog world.
With the amount of time I spend reading other blogs, I should have had a fair idea with where to start. But add panic, fear and a smidgen of shyness...and voila..'frankie gusti.' blog was collecting dust. I wont lie..procrastination and I are old friends, but the thought of having complete strangers (and maybe even worse...people I know) read my posts actually made me queasy.

But with plenty of time on my hands, due to a lame hamstring (look up the origin of the word 'hamstring' and that may help you to imagine how I feel right about now)

and as keen as ever to have a 'real' business label....I welcome you to' frankie gusti.'..whilst still swallowing the urge to baby sick.

So my purpose in starting this blog and joining the millions of other bloggers out there, is most likely the same as the other millions of share my creativity. I also hope that you are encouraged, motivated and inspired to create for yourself after visiting 'frankie gusti.'.

Stay cute.
Gen. xx

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