Tuesday, October 11, 2011

life is too short to sleep on low thread-count sheets.

These last 4 weeks of preggy land have seen me roaming my house at all hours of the night. between pee trips, re-heating the heat pack, milk & cookies trip, tossing & turning (i call it the 50 point turn now...it takes almost that to get from one side to the other), and just being wide awake for no apparent reason.....i have decided that our bedroom needs a makeover. nugget has had a WHOLE room made up especially for him & since he'll be shacking in with us first & because i think i think i deserve it....our little love nest will be getting a much needed do over. so now i stay up until all hours day dreaming of this new room. and being inspired by all these pretties...

love this eclectic room

liking the word above the bed...maybe not name though

 so bright & fresh. pellet bed & vines..perfect.

neutral wallpaper & recycled timber

looooovvvveeee the double headboard

mint, peach & gold...so lush.

head over to my 'for the home' board on pinterest for image sources & links.

i can't really decided what i like yet. i want it to be fairly un-cluttered but not bare, romantic but not girly either. bright & fresh...pity i only have a shoe box to work in. i know i want pendant bedside lamps & shelving instead of bedside draws...so that's a start.

Stay cute.
Gen. Xx

p.s. pinterest you are evil!!! maybe if i stop clicking 'fetch more pins' then i'd be asleep a lot earlier!!
Anyone done a bedroom makeover recently? Would love to see pics.

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