Saturday, October 15, 2011

little golden book mobile

growing up, i read little golden books & had quite the stash. i had started a collection for nugget with 2nd hand finds & op shop bargains. but his stash has just become AMAZING after my aunt gifted me over 100 books. these were in fact my original collection from my childhood that i had passed onto my cousin.

this is only HALF of them, as i shared with my sister lucky are we!
a few books are a bit worse for wear, but the pictures are so damn cute that they need to be some book lovers my cringe when i say this but......i've removed the pages & made them into paper aeroplanes. they are not totally desecrated...they have been given new life in Nuggets mobile.

pretty cool right? jord actually made most of it, as i officially suck at making paper aeroplanes. for the full mobile tutorial jump over here.

for more 'little golden book' love, head over to birdy popcorn & check out their love of kiddy vintage too.

Stay cute.
Gen. xx


  1. Hey Gen,

    you are amazing!!.. the creations you come up with .. are just soo cool.. wish I was as creative as you!!
    Angie xx

  2. That looks fantastic! Loving it! I still have all of mine and with 3 boys the collection has blown out! Now I know what to do with some much loved favs! Love it!