Friday, May 13, 2011

Who the eff is Alice?

 So just taking a trip down (short) memory lane- February actually.
I went on my first 'road trip' with two of my besties to Alice Springs & beyond.
3 girls, 1 wicked van & 10 days.

we conquered natural disasters

we tamed wild animals

we ate exotic foods

we learnt manual

we took advantage of the self timer

we learnt the basics in mechanics

 there were road toll victims

& near misses

paid tribute to great Aussie hero's

we out smarted a tiger airlines

fun times were had & i'm glad i shared with these babes

Stay cute.
Gen. xx


  1. Hi Gen!
    love having you back....
    ps. I totally dont get the laying down on the side of the road pic? Did I miss something?

  2. thanks Wendy! Have you seen 'we can be heroes'? Imitating a character. xx