Thursday, January 13, 2011

QLD Flood Appeal Auction

Hi friends.

So I know most of us have been glued to the tv/newspaper/radio following the horrid events up north. Anyone reading this who is being directly affected- our thoughts are with you. Our thoughts are appreciated I'm sure but they aren't going to help you on your long road to recovery....unless we take some action!

So along with many others out there, I am taking part in an online auction through

 to help raise some $$ for our friends & fam in QLD. 

Available for auction.. 
1. One (1) Teacup Candle

Your choice of any of the the pictured candles. All items are made with quality fine china & organic soy wax- rose scented.

2. One (1) Vintage mini Cake Stand/ Ring Dish

Your choice of any of the pictured items. All are made with quality fine English china. Great for holding your rings & earrings or macaroons!

How it works...

1. Bidding will start at $10 (Australian).

2. You can place a bid by leaving a comment on the item in the 'QLD Flood Appeal Auction' album on my FACEBOOK page with your bid amount and email address. Please make sure that your bid is higher than the previous bidder.

3. Your bid must be in whole dollar increments.

4. This auction is open to everyone, however $25 will be charged for International addresses. Postage is FREE for Australian residents.

5. The auction begins NOW and will END at 9am on Monday 24th January 2011.

6. At the close of the auction, I will contact the winner (please make sure your bid comment includes your email address). The winner will pay the winning amount directly into the 
Premier's Flood Relief Appeal and send me proof of payment via email. Once proof of payment has been received, I will post your goodies to you.

7. Thank you for participating and happy bidding!

Stay cute...& generous!
Gen. xx

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