Wednesday, January 12, 2011

road trippin' - the real story

Jord & I took a bit of a road trip to start the year off (& for me to find some op shops!) We didn't have much of plan apart from heading for the Macedon Ranges for 4 days.

We drove through Kinglake, which is slowly regenerating after the bushfire's almost 2 years ago.

The area that was destroyed is huge...driving these roads, as far as i could see was blackened.

We found ourselves at Hanging Rock just outside of Woodend.

 Not entirely dressed appropriately for this activity.

But the view was ah-mazing. I have a fear of cliff edges, so this was scarrrrry.

We eventually made our way to Daylesford. We spent an hour shopping & wandering. Then 2 hours trying to find somewhere to stay-being the long weekend, we didn't have much choice. The only place we could find was a motel with 2 single beds for $140!!! We drove to Hepburn Springs to find something a little less trashy. No luck. We arrived at the motel at 7.30pm & it was SHUT!!! Really? A tourist area on a long weekend & no one around to help us?  We decided to have dinner & think about our plan. Our options were go home or go to Mt Franklin- a volcano with a camp area in it.
So...10pm, pitch black, woods resembling 'blair witch' us crazy. We set up camp for the night.

Roughin' it.

Beautiful though.

We made through the night (there were some seriously creepy noises which kept me up a lot though)& went back to town for brekkie. We hit the shops again & found Mills Market...oh deary. It was crazy! Must have been the size of 'Jeff's Shed' & we spent a good 3 hours there. Had a lunch & a mojito by the lake. Then decided to head home as there was still no decent accommodation...bummer.

We had a fun time away & will definitely be heading back - with accommodation booked prior.

Stay cute.
Gen. Xx

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