Wednesday, January 18, 2012

look what i found..treasure hunting.

It had been a while since i had a really good hunt around...was suffering from severe FOMO (fear of missing out). So i was lucky enough to find all these goodies whilst on our weekend away down the coast at Venus Bay & also at a few of my local oppies. 

another tea chest $3. found at Venus Bay oppie

saucer & side plate sets

this pretty little 'Tuscan China' is a keeper

i had to have this amazing mint 'Salsibury' for my collection

more pretty plates and saucers

amber coloured vase $4. pyrex beakers $6 each..score!

vintage book and coat hangers for Rafe baby

violet 'Colclough'

mixed 'Duchess' & 'Queen Anne' china

scored a set of 8!!!

books for the babe. can't believe i found 'henry's awful mistake'! it was one of my childhood faves. found at an antique and collectors shop down the coast.

I'm quite pleased with all my finds and am contemplating hitting some more oppies today!

Stay cute!
Gen. Xx

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