Sunday, December 26, 2010

bad blogger.

Yes, I have been a bad blogger. I have been thinking of blogging as I've been crawling into bed after midnight for the last 2 weeks but just never made it to the lappy...bad blogger.

In my defence my social life was quite exciting! Work parties, Christmas parties, dinner parties galore. Lunch dates, shopping dates, romantic dates, movie dates, wine dates...I was in demand!

I worked 2 jobs, I frankie'd & marketed, I cooked, I cleaned, I late night shopped...and I hardly saw Jord. I literally saw him as i climbed into bed at 2am & he climbed out at 6am. I was out every night for over a week, & as much as i enjoyed catching up with friends and all the general Christmas socialising...I was exhausted & stressed. I just wanted to share with you a few things that I have realised or that have been emphasised about myself, in the last few weeks.

1. I'm a stress head. A FULL BLOWN STRESS FREAK!

2. I can be quite disorganised, which leads to..

3. Being quite untidy. And it spreads. I like to dominate space.

4.I get cranky when I'm hungry.

5. I can get crankier when I'm cranky & people try to help.

6.My time management skills are lacking...severely.

Okay so they are all negative & I reaaaallly want to change that. I get really jealous of people who can manage a full time job, kids, a home, a business calmly. I like being busy but when it gets to the point that I'm so tired & drained that I cant manage to walk sabby, cook dinner or even blog, I get so frustrated with myself...& the vicious cycle repeats.

This week I plan on blogging everyday. Hopefully fuelling motivation & a new cycle.
I plan to eat regular healthy meals to avoid getting shitty.
I will walk Sabby every day.
I will write (more) lists & prioritise.
I will set achievable daily tasks.
I will accept help graciously when needed (& even when its not.)

Yes. That is what I'll do.

So a belated merry Christmas to all! Thanks for being so welcoming to a newbie.

Stay cute.
Gen. Xx

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  1. Theres no way i can imagine youll ever get cranky but ill take your word for it. This time, x