Sunday, December 12, 2010

Getting down with my creativity

So obviously I'm a bit of a craft nerd. But 'craft nerd' is the new 'party animal'. It's how all the cool kids spend there Saturday nights - or so I told my self last night at 12am.

Last night I was making these

& these

a few of these
heaps of these

I also watched Inception with Jord...uh escusee? May take a few viewings to fully comprehend.

Today I've also been crafting.
These beauties are for an order. New pumpkin maple smell...mmm hello American Christmas.
I wonder if they make Aussie X-mas smell...would it be ham off the bone or shrimp on the barbie?

These sweeties will be available at Mulgrave Makers Market- Dec 19th (1 week today!!)

I classify gift wrapping as a craft...

 I'm so addicted to 'frankie gusti'. I'm happy spending hours searching the op shops but dread weekends when they are shut. I'm excited by the posty (no..its not some 'pool boy' type attraction) & associated deliveries. I enjoy getting a little high of the epoxy fumes whilst making cake stands...about as wild as I get these days! I look forward to'gusti-ing' in 2011 with new markets, friends & products. I'm loving what I'm doing & I'm glad you are too.

Stay cute.
Gen. xx


  1. Its weird that when you mentioned the pumpkin maple aroma I could smell it for a second there!
    Not one for the epoxy fumes though. I love what you do too! x

  2. it's such a homely comforting smell....It's delicious!! I had the most rotten headache from that epoxy. Must do it outside next time...I had to go lie down once I'd finished-nasty stuff! X