Tuesday, December 7, 2010

look what i found.

So I scavenged through garage sales, op shops & antique stores on Saturday to find all these babies. I came home very satisfied.

Card table

 Wine jug & blue jar

Teacups ( 8 more not shown!!), bowls, glasses, pate knife, cake tongs & doily.

Picnic basket & jars

Can you believe this was $3?!

Antique Colclough dinner set..cannot wait to show you what I have planned!

I wish I was a full time op shopper...yes, that would be lovely.

Stay cute.
Gen. Xx

P.S Am desperately seeking candlesticks..feel free to share if you know where I can find some.

1 comment:

  1. Fab finds Gen, lucky you...I'll keep an eye out for candlesticks in my op shop travels. Also what great news about the feature in the paper...yay!!
    P.S It's good to be back too!