Tuesday, December 7, 2010

i'm so lucky.

So once again I've had a hectic (but super fun!) weekend. I'm going to do a bit of a time line format, so I don't forget anything!


My Birthday!!! I turned 23 on Thursday & I was sort of dreading it. I have this ability to be depressed on my birthday, even though I love birthdays. I feel there is too much hype about birthdays being great, amazing, wonderful that sometimes they never quite meet my expectations.
I woke up alone in bed at 7.30am even though I didn't have to be up until 8.30am & it was raining...fantastic. There wasn't really anything overly appetizing for breakfast so I retreated back to bed with 'furry friends' chocolate. I got out of bed at 9am to be at Le's by 10-10.30, couldn't find anything to wear so didn't get there til after 11am. Feeling very un-celebratory until...I was greeted by Allie & Le, & this..

HAIRSPRAY tickets!!!
Aw, I cried out excitement (& a little out of embarrassment of being such a downer when I got there)& out of love..they are so thoughtful.

We headed out for lunch & on the way I got a phone call. It was something along the lines of "something something paper, yada yada you, something something article & photo shoot". True story! Monash Weekly newspaper were asking to do a piece on 'frankie gusti.'  They had heard about my tea cup candles & vintage cake stands & wanted to do an article on re purposing/upcyling...can you believe it?! So after a few phone calls we'd decided on a 'Mad Hatter/Alice' themed tea party shoot for 2.30pm the next day..eeek!

The girls an I headed into Fitzroy for lunch and photo shoot outfit shopping.I purchased a dress from this cute vintage store..friperie.
I had dinner at the parental's with the all fam. Jord was there waiting with my present- a market gazebo! Now I don't have to hire..does that mean I can spend more on myself at he market? I went to bed after 1am, as I was whipping up these...

It was such a fun day & I was so spoilt by the girls, Jord & the Fam. I'm so lucky.


I had clients from 9-11.30, then had to pick up some flowers & food for photo shoot props...I may have got a bit carried away with the display. I even made these..

 I raced home, packed the car, got dolled up & with clammy hands made my way over to Mulgrave Makers Market. I met with the photographer, set up my display & worked my best model pout cheesy grin. It was really hot out & I was in the sun, so not only was I suffering from severe sweat mo' but my candles (& cupcakes) were also melting a little. Hopefully snapped some keepers which make it to front page...oh, how I would love that.

Friday night I celebrated 23 years & a photo shoot with girlfriends, mojito's & cheese.

 I'm so lucky.


Jord and I made our way around the local garage sales, oppy's & an antique store. It was a fruitful morning. (All pics in a later post). We made fresh fruit juice-watermelon, mixed berries, ice and lime...oh so fresh. I went to Le's where the early planning stages of our 'Girls Roadtrip' around Darwin was happening. I've never been to Darwin nor have I road tripped, so this should be funsies.

We plan on going here

Meeting the locals
Wear appropriate bush walking attire

Aren't I lucky?


Jord and I went out for lunch, then picked up some Xmas tree deco's before traipsing off to the tree farm to pick out our tree.

Decorations are a bit sparse but we likey

Around 3ish I was on the phone to my Emmy Bean, having a bit of a bitch & moan about how I thought our other friends Keely & Lauren, were going to come make a surprise visit for my birthday. (long story short- Jord had tried to organise a surprise picnic with all my biddies, but the weather forecast was looking cruddy so he canceled. He informed me of failed plans but I still thought Keely & Lauren would pop out, even though he denied their involvement..get it? Thought so.)I was complaining about how they hadn't really made an effort to catch up...cue knock on door. There they were...cue guilt.
I didn't feel too bad though because I had a bit of an idea but it was still such a lovely evening. We consumed more mojito's(my mojito tree mint is now looking pretty naked after all the celebrating), talked craft & went to the hills for dinner.

I'm so lucky.

Stay cute.
Gen. xx

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  1. I didnt see this post before, I must pay attention!
    I love the whole story about the goings on of your week! x