Sunday, December 26, 2010

The gift of giving...

Giving is better than receiving.
Now stop being so dirty & remember its Christmas!

I looooove giving gifts. I love having them all wrapped pretty under the tree. 

I wait until everyone's unwrapped theirs before I start mine for two reasons.

1. I enjoy watching people opening the gifts I gave them. I( generally) put plenty of thought into them & their wrapping so think they deserve undivided attention.
2. I thoroughly enjoy watching peoples reactions, particularly when they do the 'ole.."ohhh it's lovely" or "oh I needed one of these" after opening something. Dead give away that it'll be re gifted next year!

Jord said 'its the thought that counts' but i said 'at least my thoughts weren't fugly.' But now I realise that it could be me giving those gifts!!!! I think I sometimes give gifts that I like rather than what the receiver does. I still maintain I have good style/taste & wouldn't buy/make anything ugly but I guess my 'thoughts' aren't always your cup of tea.

Anyway, I was very spoilt. Didn't even have to pretend to be excited over anything (well...nothing was fugly at least)!! Check out a few of my gifts...such a lucky girl!

Oodles of cute stationary. Oh!! Think of the lists.

Meet me at Mikes...time to get re-acquainted with my sewing machine!

Perfect afternoon supplies. Tea pot, tea cup (isn't it fab?), delicious teas, cup cake wrappers & the Hummingbird cook book...mmm.


Yes. I'm currently getting my Mac on. Wohooo. Thanks Jord.

(okay can I just mention that I'm feeling a wee guilty as I type away right now. I had a bit of Christmas wish list going in case he was stuck for ideas or people in need of inspiration asked.

 I put on that list ' a mac' jokingly- sorta. Jord has always been a pretty extravagant gift giver but with a perfectly shit fine Toshiba laptop already, I was not expecting it. Thanks Jord!! )

I hope everyone got what the wished for!!!

Stay cute.
Gen. Xx

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  1. Wow a Mac you'r so lucky! Looks like you had a great Christmas, loving your beautifully wrapped presents under the tree! I'm sure you gave very thoughtful presents. I had a similar reacton from from the in-laws. What can you do hey? I love your 3am book, and the hummingbird bakery cookbook mmmmm